Victoria is the oldest of the Underground trains, and is a warm, kind motherly figure to them all. She's a great storyteller and enjoys telling the trains stories from her past.


A Grande Dame who's seen it all, Victoria cares for all the other trains deeply. Very prim and proper, she's always willing to give help to other trains who need it, and will do everything she can to do so.


Victoria is painted red with yellow handrails, her logo is on either side of her coach. She wears spectacles and a tiara, reminiscent to that of Queen Elizabeth II's.


  • Although Victoria is said to be the oldest character on the show, the real life Victoria line is actually one of the newest lines, only the Jubilee line is newer.
  • Victoria is the only train on the show without sliding doors.


Series 1 - Pop Decoy, Sir Clunkalot, Mr Rails Never Fails, Brooklyn and Rocky Two-Shoes, Pulling Together, Caught Purple Handed, Ernie's Big Trip, Finders Keepers, The Magician's Assistant, Cover Story, Millie's Dream Day, Mr Movie Jones, Summer Breeze, Running Late, Light At The End Of The Tunnel, The Wreck Of Sea Shell Bay, Catnapped, Monster Mystery, Bon Appetit, A Change Is As Good As A Rest, Elementary, My Dear Bakerloo!, The Magic Lamp, How Great The Art, The Mayor's Visit, Techno Trouble, Snow Go



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