The Wreck Of Sea Shell Bay
"Yo ho ho! Treasure ahoy!"
Season 1, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date 26/06/2006
Written by Diane Redmond
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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The Wreck Of Sea Shell Bay is the sixteenth episode of Underground Ernie.


Circle's been given the task of taking the school children on a trip to Sea Shell Bay. Jubilee and Bakerloo discuss the shipwreck that was found there, as well as the lost treasure.

Hammersmith and City are picking up the school children and their teacher to take them to International Underground, but two excitable young boys are giving the teacher a hard time - Ernie's mischievous nephews, Sam and Dan. When they're changing at International Underground, the two boys sneak into the control tower and start messing around with the speakers. Ernie, seeing Miss Inkpen is overworked, volunteers to help out on the school trip and keep his nephews in order.

Circle almost loses her cool with the two boys, who try and take Pippa's parrots away from the nature reserve. By the time they arrive at Sea Shell Bay, Circle's exhausted and quickly leaves. Ernie tries to keep an eye on the boys, but they run off and start digging under a sandcastle.

Bakerloo and Jubilee meet up, and Bakerloo's found something out - the divers shouldn't be searching for the treasure in the sea, as it's under the station.

At Sea Shell Bay, the trip comes to an end, and Ernie still can't find his nephews. The inpatient and exhausted Circle leaves with the children while Ernie goes to check the station, and then finds them both with a treasure chest. They found it underneath a sandcastle on the platform, and it's taken to the museum where they both get to keep a gold coin from the chest.

At the sheds that night, the trains discuss Ernie's nephews, agreeing how Circle, who's fast asleep, must despise them after the day's events.




  • First appearance of Dan, and Miss Inkpen's only speaking role.


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