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The Sheds are the main engine sheds on International Underground. It has five berths and is accessible via a junction that extends round the back. Victoria, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Circle and the twins Hammersmith and City live here. It was also home to Brooklyn when he came to stay.

It is located at the end of the line. Adjacent to the sheds is a loudspeaker which Millie uses to talk to the trains and a clock.

There is a tunnel at the end of the line where the sheds are located which is how the trains access the Underground.

Several major events have happened here, like Mr Rails' surprise party and the occasion heavy snow fell and the trains were trapped in the sheds until they were dug out by Ernie and Mr Rails.


  • Each train's berth is decorated with wallpaper to suit the train that's living in it. Circle's has flower-patterned wallpaper, while Hammersmith and City's is decorated with football merchandise. There is also carpet draped over each set of rails.
  • The merchandising for the series gives the sheds a turntable, which it doesn't have in the series.


  • Hallsall (discontinued)


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