The Sports Stadium is a station on Hammersmith and City's line. It is a large arena where major sporting events are held.


The station is sheltered by a large canopy that covers the whole platform, painted in the pattern of a football. Inside the stadium there is a large football pitch and a running track going round it. Four large floodlights are situated in each corner of the playing field. The stands are separated by colour, with one half being red and the other being blues, so no conflict occurs between fans at football matches.


Football and running are just two of many sports that the sports stadium play host to. American athlete Jack Grease-Lightning once broke the records for a minute mile in a race here, only to be surpassed by fellow athlete Rocky Two-Shoes a few years later. Russian ice skaters Sasha and Natasha also won an ice-skating competition here, scoring perfect 10's from all the judges. A football match between the Reds and the Blues once ended in a draw here as well.


  • Bachmann (discontinued)


  • In most promotional images, the canopy is shown to be painted white as opposed to the football pattern seen on the show.


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