Snow Go
"My friends, we are at Sports Stadium Station. I think..."
Season 1, Episode 26
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Air date 25/12/2006
Written by Jan Page
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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Snow Go is the twenty-sixth episode of Underground Ernie. It originally aired on CBeebies on December 25 2006 and is currently the final episode overall.


A cold snap reaches International Underground, just as Moscow is visiting from Russia with famous ice-skaters Sasha and Natasha. Moscow warns everyone about imminent snow, which worries Ernie.

The next morning, the entire railway is a blanket of white, trapping the trains at the sheds. While Ernie and Mr Rails go to dig everyone out, Moscow volunteers to cover everyone's routes until they're back on schedule.

The snow is cleared from the sheds, and Moscow has just finished clearing snow from the rails. Everyone gets back to work, and Sasha and Natasha win the ice-skating competition, much to Moscow's delight. Moscow and the winners set off home, while Ernie decides that some fun is in order for everyone.

At the sheds, all the trains are happy they got their work done, and Bakerloo decides to get an early night - but not before Ernie starts a snowball fight with everyone!




  • This episode was released on DVD a month ahead of its broadcast on television.
  • Only appearances of Moscow, Sasha and Natasha.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of the main cast.
  • Mr Rails sings an excerpt of Good King Wenceslas when he leaves the sheds.
  • This was the last episode of Underground Ernie transmitted on the BBC, airing for the final time on December 22, 2009.


  • Jubilee wiggles on the tracks when he leaves the airport, causing his wheels to derail.
  • At the sheds, Hammersmith and City switch places several times.
  • When Ernie talks to Moscow at International Underground Station, Moscow's monobrow disappears and reappears several times.
  • When Sasha and Natasha get off Moscow, Natasha's hat is missing. After Miss Relic exits Moscow, her hat floats through the air behind Miss Relic.
  • Alice's feet don't touch the ground when she climbs aboard Bakerloo. In the same scene, Bakerloo's wheels are derailed.
  • Ernie's mouth doesn't move when he says "I've never met such a hard working train"
  • Moscow's chin clips through the platform.
  • Moscow has a whistle, despite not being steam powered. Furthermore, when he leaves at the end, his whistle is replaced with a horn.
  • Circle's carriage is missing when she's seen in the sheds at the end.
  • The Radio Times description of this episode says "Moscow the train is snowed in" but this isn't the case.


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