Sir Clunkalot
"Greetings, fair damsel in distress" "Good day, my knight in shining armour!"
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date 6/6/2006
Written by Diane Redmond
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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Sir Clunkalot is the second episode of Underground Ernie. It originally aired on CBeebies on June 6th 2006.


A medieval pageant is being held at Mystery Mansion, and the trains are very excited, while Bakerloo is wary, telling the others of the legend of Sir Clunkalot, a ghost who haunts the castle.

Ernie is at the castle to help Alice, who's dressed up as a princess, finish decorating for the pageant. A suit of armour is delivered by Victoria, and Ernie tries it on, leading to all sorts of confusion, especially when Bakerloo and Mr Rails are convinced that Ernie is Sir Clunkalot!

After Ernie rescues Alice from a tower on the platform, Bakerloo and Mr Rails realise the truth and the pageant goes ahead as planned, which turns out to be a huge success. At the sheds that night, the trains all praise Ernie for being a hero.





  • When Ernie's on his way to Mystery Mansion, he's shown to be passing the sea. In the close up shots, however, he's passing through a valley.
  • Mr Rails' glasses are missing when he's chased by Ernie.


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