Pulling Together
"I bet we'll miss the rest of the match now, and Victoria will parade the Reds around the Underground. She doesn't even like football!"
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 9/06/2006
Written by Jan Page
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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Pulling Together is the fifth episode of Underground Ernie. It originally aired on the 9th June 2006.


The twins Hammersmith and City are excited to be taking passengers to the big football match, as the teams they both support are playing. When Ernie tells them they won't be able to watch the match, they get incredibly stressed, and City is very wound up when the Reds score and Hammersmith won't stop gloating about it. In retaliation, City puts his brakes on, and the twins uncouple and get stuck on the line.

At the stadium, Victoria is trying to get into football, and leads Ernie in singing some football songs. When Ernie receives a message from Millie about the twins being stuck, Ernie sets off to the rescue. The twins make up their quarrel and Mr Rails fixes their coupling back together.

The twins are delighted to learn that the game ended in a draw, and Ernie allows them a day off next week to watch the rematch. Victoria reminds the trains that they're all part of their own team, and leads the trains in another song; not about the magic of football, but the magic of working together.




  • The conversation between Millie and Hammersmith, "Oh, do stop arguing, twins!" "Millie, please can you find out for us?" before Hammersmith and City leave International Underground is recycled later in the episode, albeit reversed. They're heard when Ernie is talking to Millie on his walkie talkie.
  • Hammersmith sings a cover of Amazing Grace.


  • Hammersmith jerks backwards when he meets Victoria at the crossing.
  • A football fan heard chanting, "For the Reds!" is holding a blue scarf.
  • In the Polish dub of this episode, the football fans can still be heard chanting in English.
  • The twins' rosettes clip through the red light when they pass it.
  • The sound effects for when Circle drives off are unsynchronized with the visuals.
  • When Millie goes to put the control panel on automatic, her finger passes through the microphone switch.
  • Jubilee drives straight ahead rather than following the track when he leaves the twins.
  • When the ladder falls down, it clips through the canopy.
  • The shape of the twins' faces changes in the scene before they uncouple.
  • After the twins uncouple from each other, the contrast of the scene is brighter than usual.
  • Ernie 1 appears out of nowhere at the sports stadium.
  • Mr Rails' mouth doesn't move when he says, "All fixed and ready to go!"
  • The sound is distorted when Ernie says, "The football match is nearly over."
  • City's wheels are derailed in the sheds at the end.


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