Pop Decoy
"The entertainer's teaching me the words to that Sam 7 song! Catchy little number!"
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 5/06/2006
Written by Louise Kramskoy
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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n/a Sir Clunkalot

Pop Decoy is the first episode of Underground Ernie.


Music mania hits International Underground. Pop superstar Sam 7 is playing at the theatre and Jubilee is to get him to the hotel. He is told to keep Sam 7 a secret to avoid the hotel becoming crowded with hundreds of fans. Unfortunately, the excitable Jubilee lets the cat out of the bag. With 7’s arrival at the airport, he and Ernie have to come up with a plan to get the fans to leave the hotel.

On his rounds, Jubilee comes across an underground entertainer who bears an uncanny resemblance to Sam 7 and a plan emerges: they will create a pop decoy. After a quick change, Bakerloo takes the entertainer and Sam 7's fans on a tour of the underground, while Jubilee delivers his pop cargo safely to the hotel. As a thank you, Sam 7 serenades his No. 1 fan, Millie, making her dream come true. Everyone thinks Sam is fantastic, even the stuffy Bakerloo as he explains that night.




  • The picture of Mr Rails in his dragon costume from Sir Clunkalot is seen in the newspaper.
  • When this episode was originally aired on TV, the scene of the Underground Entertainer going up the escalator and jumping off was cut out. It was reinstated on the DVD release.
  • This is the only episode where one of the trains (City) on the International Railway doesn't speak.


  • The picture of Sam 7 in the newspaper isn't rendered properly and some of the text appears through the picture.
  • The clock in the factory reads 10:00 when Bakerloo arrives, but changes to 12:00 when he starts talking to the busker. Furthermore, the clock above the tunnel tells the time as 8:00.
  • When Bakerloo and Jubilee are talking at International Underground station, the stairs to the control tower are missing.
  • The busker is carried up the escalator by the conveyor belt, but the steps aren't moving.
  • In the stinger, after Ernie finishes his drum solo, the cymbal falls through the snare drum.


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