The nature reserve is a stop on Circle's line which houses many animals and takes care of them all. Pippa works here.


The platforms are overlooked by two large models of a goose which act as a shelter. The walls are adorned with colourful drawings and paintings of animals.


Pippa's cat Patch once went missing from the nature reserve when she snuck into a crate on the platform, causing Pippa to have a panic. Luckily she was found and she still lives here now. The nature reserve was once threatened with closure when they ran out of funding, but thanks to a jumble sale hosted by Ernie, the nature reserve was saved and continues to operate to this day.

Animals in care

The animals being looked after here come from all walks of life and are treated with love and care by Pippa and other volunteers. The animals include exotic birds such as a pair of parrots and a few ostriches as well as more rural animals like sheep. Pippa's cat Patch also lives here.


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