Mr Rails Never Fails
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Author Diane Redmond (original episode)
Published on 10th October 2006
Published by Make Believe Ideas
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Sir Clunkalot Cover Story
Mr Rails Never Fails is a sticker book featuring more than 150 stickers based on images and characters from the television series.


A party is being held for Mr Rails' 25th anniversary of working on the Underground. The trains have to keep it a secret, but Ernie has a cold and Millie's left in charge of everything. Although things go wrong, Millie pulls through with the help of the trains who manage to keep the secret. Mr Rails' party is a roaring success!




  • The image of Mr Rails on the back cover is mirrored.
  • Part of Mr Rails' foot is missing in the original spot the difference image.
  • The image of the Multi-Tooled Maintenance Machine hasn't been edited properly as there are still some white parts visible in the gaps between the ladder steps.


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