Monster Mystery
"Monsters indeed, it's stuff and nonsense. The very idea - AGGGH!!"
Season 1, Episode 18
Vital statistics
Air date 28/06/2006
Written by Jan Page
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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Monster Mystery is the eighteenth episode of Underground Ernie.


The trains wake up one morning to hear strange noises coming from Jubilee's shed. It turns out to just be a computer game, but it reminds Bakerloo of a monster that used to roam the Underground. At International Station, Millie's returned from a trip to Australia with a souvenir - a didgeridoo. Ernie plays it while Millie makes announcements, but the strange noises set off Bakerloo and the twins' imagination about monsters, and they go to check their tunnels.

Before Ernie goes off on his rounds, he sees Dr Hart and his plastic skeleton who he's named "Fred" on the platform. After a chat, Dr Hart ends up being paged and leaves for the hospital, but leaves "Fred" behind. Ernie takes the skeleton with him on his rounds, intending to drop him off later.

Jubilee hears strange noises coming from the workshop, and rushes off to tell Bakerloo, believing it to be the monster. Little does he know it's actually Mr Rails testing out his bump-flattener. The two agree to get in touch when they find another clue, and Bakerloo warns Victoria, who dismisses it as nonsense - until she sees a skeleton in Ernie 1 and races away, scared witless.

It turns out that Ernie had just tried to pull a joke on Victoria using "Fred", and quickly rushes off after her to tell her the truth. Victoria races back to the sheds, and tells the others the sad news - The monster's real and it's eaten Ernie.

Much to their relief, Ernie shows up and explains everything from the didgeridoo to the thumping. The trains, who are very much relieved, calm down and turn in for the night. Just before they go to sleep, Jubilee offers the others a play of his monster computer game, but the trains immediately decline.




  • The machine seen in Mr Rails' workshop in the opening titles is seen is this episode, and is revealed to be called the Bump Flattener.


  • Hammersmith is seen coming out of the shed, but when the scene cuts to a close-up of Bakerloo, City is in his place.
  • The bookshelf is missing in the shot of Ernie in the control room and in the stinger.
  • Circle bounces when she, Bakerloo and the twins arrive at International Underground.
  • Dr Hart's mouth doesn't move when he says "Skeleton?"
  • Victoria's tiara vanishes twice in this episode - first when she leaves International Underground with Dr Hart, and later when she arrives back at the sheds.
  • The bump-flattener's wheels don't move when it rampages round the workshop.
  • When Jubilee goes to see Bakerloo, he passes through a level crossing. When he's next seen, he passes through the same level crossing, although the footage is mirrored.
  • Jubilee isn't rendered properly when he and Bakerloo split up to search for clues.
  • At the sheds after Victoria runs away down the Underground, the footage quality changes rapidity in several shots, most noticeably when Ernie arrives.


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