Light At The End Of The Tunnel
"I think I know what this is!"
"So do I, it's a whopping big fortune!"
Season 1, Episode 15
Vital statistics
Air date 23/06/2006
Written by Jan Page
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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Light At The End Of The Tunnel is the fifteenth episode of Underground Ernie.


The museum on Victoria's line is in danger of closing, and Ernie decides to help by advertising the museum to passengers. Bakerloo talks about an ancient Egyptian exhibition that was once at the museum but ended up being stolen. He wants to find the treasure, in the hopes that may bring some attention to the museum.

Mr Rails is patching up an old crack on one of Victoria's tunnel walls when it suddenly gets bigger and collapses, revealing an old tunnel. Victoria is blocked by the rubble, but encourages Ernie and Mr Rails to investigate the old tunnel that was hidden behind the wall. They find the stolen Egyptian exhibition at the end of the tunnel, and immediately return it to Miss Relic, who's ecstatic that the treasure is back.

The exhibition turns out to be so popular that Victoria needs help with the extra passengers. She returns to the sheds that night and is so exhausted that she falls asleep immediately.




  • The official Underground Ernie YouTube channel uploaded this episode for public viewing.
  • This is the first episode to show the rear entrance to the sheds.


  • When Ernie says ""We can't have that." all the tracks in the background are missing.
  • Victoria's glasses are black when Bakerloo tells her about the missing Egyptian artifacts.
  • The end of the set is visible when Victoria arrives at the station to talk to Circle.
  • The rubble blocking Victoria's line increases between Ernie and Mr Rails entering the tunnel and when they come out.
  • The wall is still standing in the background when Victoria says "What about my tracks?"
  • City's glasses have lenses at the end as opposed to usual.


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