Jubilee is the youngest of the trains, and is very knowledgeable on current trends. He's gadget mad and constantly using the Internet, emails and all other kinds of new technology. He is voiced by Tim Whitnall.


The junior member of the Underground family, Jubilee is the young fun-loving teenager of the railway. Eager to please, his youthful energy can sometimes put him in conflict with the older members of the Underground, such as the incident when he and Victoria fell out over an argument about how efficient they were. He is sometimes considered mischievous but everyone loves him and wouldn't want that to change.


Jubilee is painted silver with his logo on either side of his face and a gold canopy that acts as eyebrows. He also has a red aerial on top of his cab.


Series 1 - Pop Decoy, Sir Clunkalot, Mr Rails Never Fails, Brooklyn and Rocky Two-Shoes, Pulling Together, Caught Purple Handed, Ernie's Big Trip, Finders Keepers, The Magician's Assistant, Cover Story, Millie's Dream Day, Mr Movie Jones, Summer Breeze, Running Late, Light At The End Of The Tunnel, The Wreck Of Sea Shell Bay, Catnapped, Monster Mystery, Bon Appetit, A Change Is As Good As A Rest, Elementary, My Dear Bakerloo!, The Magic Lamp, How Great The Art, The Mayor's Visit, Techno Trouble, Snow Go


  • Bachmann (discontinued)
  • Halsall
    • Die-cast (discontinued)
    • Pull-back (discontinued)
    • Battery operated (discontinued)
  • Coin-operated kiddie ride (discontinued)


  1. Wa-haayyyy!
  2. I'm sleek and fast, I won't be last!
  3. I'm young and gadget mad!
  4. I love technologyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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