How Great The Art
"Beautiful, just gorgeous!"
Season 1, Episode 23
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Air date 15/11/2006
Written by Ross Hastings
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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How Great The Art is the twenty-third episode of Underground Ernie. It originally aired on 15 November 2006.


Brooklyn returns to International Underground with a statue to be displayed on the line, he refers to it as a piece of genuine modern art - the trouble is everyone thinks it's ugly and they don't want it on their platforms! While Circle gives Brooklyn a tour of her line, Mr Rails is struggling to find a place to put the statue. Jubilee, Victoria, Bakerloo and the twins have all turned it down. He also has to make something as a gift to Brooklyn's railway!

Victoria takes Brooklyn to the museum to look at what she considers to be real art, while Mr Rails is about to put the statue on display at Sprout's Organic Farm, but Circle convinces him otherwise. With nowhere to put it, Mr Rails prepares to take it back with him, but squashes Farmer Sprout's wheelbarrow in the process.

Mr Rails finally puts the statue on display, but hasn't made anything for Brooklyn, but it turns out he needn't have worried - Brooklyn mistakes the squashed wheelbarrow as the gift, much to everyone's relief, and Brooklyn returns home to America, surveying his statue on display. Mr Rails put it on the International Line, so that way nobody would have to look at it!

The trains have a chat about art that night, and Circle comes to the conclusion that art is anything you want it to be, prompting Jubilee to list squashed things that could count as art, much to the annoyance of Bakerloo!




  • Last appearance of Brooklyn.


  • When Brooklyn is talking to Ernie at International Underground, his wheels aren't on the tracks.


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