Ernie's Big Trip
“Hello Paris!” “Tut tut, it’s ‘bonjour’ Ernie! When you come to France, you will have to speak our language, remember?!”
Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date 13/06/2006
Written by Jan Page
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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Ernie’s Big Trip is the seventh episode of Underground Ernie. It originally aired on CBeebies on 13th June 2006.


Ernie decides to take a trip to France, but the trains fear that he's leaving them to become the manager of the French Underground. This is evidenced by Ernie learning French as well as picking up new clothes, and the trains agree that something must be done.

On the day of his departure, the trains convince their passengers to take part in a demonstration to show Ernie how much he means to them. Paris is denied entrance to the station by a militant Mr Rails waving a red flag. Ernie is confused at all this, and tells the trains he's only going on holiday, and everyone is very relieved.

At the sheds that night, the trains hope Ernie has a lovely time in France, and Bakerloo says he knew Ernie wouldn’t have left them for good, and that he wanted everyone to say a proper goodbye to him. Circle says it wasn’t goodbye, it was “au revoir” which means Ernie will be back very soon!




  • A clip of this episode was used in the CBeebies "Next" bumper.
  • First appearances of Paris, Miss Relic, Pippa, Miss Inkpen and Sam.
  • Only appearance of Sam without his twin.


  • When this episode originally aired on TV, the title card was misspelt as "Ernies Big Trip". It was later fixed on the DVD release and future airings.
  • Ernie's walkie talkie clips into his body when he checks his list.
  • Hammersmith and City are waiting at the tunnel before they meet Paris. In the scene after that, Hammersmith’s chassis slides down the rails when he stops.
  • The steps on the escalators at the library and the hospital aren't moving.
  • When Hammersmith and City talk to Millie, the landscape ends and the tracks just carry on in the sky.
  • Hammersmith has City’s voice at the sheds.
  • The International Underground sign flashes for no reason.
  • Circle’s wheels aren't on the tracks when Jubilee talks to her.
  • When Jubilee arrives at Mr Rails' workshop, he pulls in on the left track. In the next shot, however, he's shown pulling in again on the middle track.
  • Jubilee isn't reflected in the window at the workshop, but Mr Rails is.


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