Cover Story
"There's Mr Rails behind you!" "Yes, he got his photo taken after all!"
Season 1, Episode 10
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Air date 16/06/2006
Written by Ross Hastings
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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Cover Story is the tenth episode of Underground Ernie. It originally aired on CBeebies on June 16 2006.


Jubilee excitedly tells the other trains one morning about International Underground being the main feature in the next issue of Tunnel Times. All the trains are excited, while the twins wonder which train will be on the front cover.

In the control room, Ernie tells Mr Rails and Millie that Tunnel Times have asked him to take the photos for the magazine. Mr Rails wants to have his photo taken, when Millie notices that Sydney's arriving at International Underground.

When Sydney arrives at the station, Jubilee and the twins are there. Sydney tells them only the coolest looking trains get to be the cover feature on Tunnel Times. Ernie greets Sydney, and asks if she wants to have her photo taken. Sydney rejects, heading off to Sea Shell Bay to relax. Jubilee doesn't want one either, saying he isn't looking cool enough. Hammersmith and City aren't looking cool enough either, apparently. Jubilee leaves to pick up more passengers, while Hammersmith and City fear that Jubilee will try and out-cool them both. The twins then ask Mr Rails for some help.

Sydney and Circle go to Sea Shell Bay together, with Sydney saying a cool-looking female train would be a good idea for the Tunnel Times cover. Circle doesn't want to look cool, she's all about the natural look, but Sydney tells her a little bit of make-up wouldn't go to waste.

Bakerloo meets Victoria, and tells her he finds something a bit suspicious about Ernie's photography - there's a "Trains For Sale" section in Tunnel Times, and Bakerloo thinks Ernie wants to sell them off! Victoria is shocked, and she and Bakerloo make the effort to avoid being in any photographs at all costs.

Hammersmith and City drive down the line wearing new sunglasses, courtesy of Mr Rails. They look cool, but can't see where they're going. At the school, Ernie's trying to take some more photos when the twins race in, nearly crashing into Ernie 1. Ernie tells the twins off, who apologise for just trying to look cool. Ernie tells them there's nothing cool about being unsafe, and the twins are sad that they won't get to appear on the front cover.

Ernie finds Circle, who's wearing a hat with flowers and a bridal veil on it. Circle asks Ernie to take her picture, but he doesn't. He needs everyday photographs - and Circle can't wear flowers everyday! After attempting to take pictures of Victoria and Bakerloo who run away, and having to reject Jubilee's pictures he made on the computer, Ernie gives up and goes to see Sydney, while Mr Rails is still waiting to have his photo taken.

At Sea Shell Bay, Ernie tells Sydney about the problematic day he's had. When he wants to take a picture of the trains, they either run away or they're trying to be cool. Sydney realises her mistake, and tells Ernie that she mistakenly planted the idea of being cool into the other trains' heads, and offers Ernie to take a photo of her for the magazine. Before Ernie can do so, however, Millie radios him, saying he needs to go back to the control room - Tunnel Times have changed their mind about what they want on the cover. After wishing Sydney a safe journey back to Australia, Ernie returns to the control room, fearing the worst.

At the sheds that night, the trains are sad about not having their photo taken, while Bakerloo is happy he's not being sold. Ernie then arrives to show the trains the new issue of Tunnel Times. None of the trains have made the cover - instead Ernie and Mr Rails are! Circle says that Ernie looks really cool on the cover, and while all the trains have learned that the coolest thing is being yourself, Bakerloo is happy that nobody's being sold and Mr Rails is ecstatic to appear on the cover after all.




  • When he's in the shed, Jubilee's carriage is nowhere to be seen.


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