Circle's line is a line on the International Underground which runs from International Underground Station to Sea Shell Bay. It's coloured yellow on the Tube map.


Named for the spiralling shape of the railway, the Circle line opened in 1863 as the first railway between Paddington and Farrington.


Circle's line starts from the sheds and arrives at International Underground Station, where it then goes to Sprout's Organic Farm, after which it goes to the Nature Reserve. After crossing Hammersmith and City's line, it terminates at Sea Shell Bay and returns to International Underground Station, where it then starts again.

In real life

The Circle line serves 36 stations over seventeen miles, sharing most of the route with the District, Metropolitan and Hammersmith and City's Line. Over 114 million passenger journeys are made on the Circle line and Hammersmith and City line combined every year.


In real life - for information on the real Circle line

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