"Patch wasn't ill - she was expecting kittens!"
Season 1, Episode 17
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Air date 27/06/2006
Written by Louise Kramskoy
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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Catnapped is the seventeenth episode of Underground Ernie. It originally aired on 27th June 2006.


The morning after a big storm, Farmer Sprout goes to the nature reserve to give Pippa some vegetables that were struck by lightning to use as animal fodder. The two of them have no use for the crates that Farmer Sprout bought the vegetables in, so they phone Ernie to come and pick them up.

Circle is feeling incredibly awful after the storm, giving Mr Rails the idea to make something to take her mind off the storm. Ernie picks up the crates, but Pippa's cat Patch crawls into one of them and goes on a trip around the Underground. Ernie drops some crates off with Mr Rails who's working on something for Circle, while Circle and Pippa frantically search for Patch.

The trains all search around the Underground, and look around the places where Ernie dropped off other crates. Circle takes Ernie and Pippa to the sheds where Mr Rails is finishing making his surprise for Circle - a wind chime. Patch is in the crate, and so are two newborn kittens!

Patch and her kittens spend the night in Circle's shed, as they're too little to move. Victoria asks Circle if she's feeling worried, as the storm is approaching. Circle isn't scared now, especially now she has a family to protect. As the storm rages on, Circle and the litter of kittens sleep happily.




  • Farmer Sprout mentions that he has a wife in this episode.
  • This is the only time we see inside Circle's shed.


  • The coat Ernie hangs up in the control room wiggles without reason, and clips through the hook when it's placed on there.
  • The trophy isn't on top of the filing cabinet in the control room.
  • A chair clips through a filing cabinet in Mr Rails' workshop.
  • One of the platforms behind Victoria is missing when she sets off.
  • The whole screen is blacked out when Patch is found, when it should just be the area within the crate.


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