Brooklyn is a visiting train from the USA. He's always eager to try something new and loves seeing Ernie and his friends on the Underground.


Fun and energetic, Brooklyn loves trying new things. Straight-talking and kind, Brooklyn can sometimes be a bit overzealous and it can lead to trouble, such as when he pushed his friend Rocky too hard, and when his suggestion of changing lines caused confusion. His taste in art also differs to the other trains, who prefer more traditional art as opposed to his modern art. No matter what, he's always on hand to apologise and help to make things right again.


Brooklyn is painted silver and decorated with stars and stripes on his carriage. On the side he has the Statue of Liberty painted on, along with the word USA. He wears a baseball cap with stars on it.



Series 1 - Brooklyn and Rocky Two-Shoes, A Change Is As Good As A Rest, How Great The Art



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