Bon Appetit
"As for the orange and onion tart, it was out of this world!"
"Orange and onion? So that's what it was!"
Season 1, Episode 19
Vital statistics
Air date 29/06/2006
Written by Jan Page
Directed by Brian Mitchell
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Bon Appetit is the nineteenth episode of Underground Ernie.


Millie's excited for the arrival of French chef extraordinaire Marcel Le Magnifique and is planning a special meal for him. She sees Circle at the station and asks if she could pick up some fresh vegetables for her to use, while Ernie and Mr Rails set about cleaning up the platforms for their visitor.

Circle arrives at Sprout's Organic Farm and learns that Farmer Sprout's van has broken down. She volunteers to take the vegetables to market for him, which Farmer Sprout happily agrees to. Circle returns to International Underground with carriages full of fruit and vegetables, much to Ernie and Mr Rails' dismay as they had just got the platform cleaned up. Circle leaves to pick up more vegetables, which begin stinking up her carriages.

Paris pulls into International Underground with Marcel on board. The station's in a mess and Millie's so nervous she almost burns the lunch. But Marcel doesn't seem to mind - he adores the vegetables so much that he wants to use them as ingredients in his own meals. The meal is successful and Marcel offers Millie a chance to dine in one of his own restaurants in France. Millie gladly accepts, and Marcel happily returns to France onbored Paris to make the arrangements.

At the sheds that night, Circle is happy how the day turned out, but the trains politely ask her to go for a wash-down. She declines, being too tired, and the other trains frown as they have to put up with the smell of stinky cabbages and onions all night.




  • This episode marks the last appearance of Paris, and only appearance of Marcel Le Magnifique.


  • When Millie and Ernie meet Circle at International Underground, they are shown to be on the left platform, at the end of the station. When it cuts to their close up, however, they've moved to the platform adjacent to the control room.
  • Paris is shown to have a door on the front end of his carriage in one scene, which disappears and reappears at the back end in a later scene.
  • When everybody has lunch, the bookcase in the control room has disappeared.


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