Bakerloo's line is a line on the International Underground which runs from Factory Station to Mystery Mansion. It's coloured brown on the tube map.


Bakerloo's line is named as a portmanteau of two of the stations it serves. Baker Street and Waterloo. Originally called the Baker Street and Waterloo Railway, the Bakerloo name caught on and was changed officially in the July of 1906.


Bakerloo's line starts from the sheds and goes directly to the factory. After this, it arrives at International Underground Station, before continuing onto the Police Station. After crossing tracks with Victoria's line, it reaches the library before terminating at Mystery Mansion.

In real life

The real Bakerloo line runs from Elephant and Castle in Central London via the West End before terminating in Harrow and Wealdstone in the north-western outer suburbs. It serves 25 stations in total, 15 of which are below ground.


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