Annual 2007
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Author Unknown
Illustrator Unknown
Published on 1/9/2006
Published by Pedigree Books
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The 2007 Annual was a book containing stories, puzzles and games.


  • Meet Underground Ernie and friends!
  • Meet the International trains
  • Story - Snow Go
  • Snow rhyme
  • "S" Sounds activity
  • Story - Mr Movie Jones
  • Make and Do - Lolly Pics
  • Activity - Lost Property
  • Activity - See The Signs
  • Activity - Going Underground
  • Story - Pulling Together
  • Activity - Winning Words
  • Activity - Spot The Difference
  • Activity - Running On Time
  • Make and Do - Make a Station Clock
  • Story - Monster Mystery
  • Funny Noises rhyme
  • Colour In - Victoria
  • Game - Pick Up A Passenger


  • The spot the difference puzzle is labelled as "Linking Up" on the contents page.
  • In the Snow Go story, Bakerloo is said to be at Mystery Mansion, but the pictures show him at the factory station.
  • In the Mr Movie Jones story, Sea Shell Bay is misnamed as Seashell Station.
  • In the Pulling Together story, Millie, Hammersmith and City are said to be at International Underground Station, but the pictures show them at the industrial estate station.
  • An image from Snow Go is used in the Monster Mystery story.
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